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I design everything you need for your

Online Business

book your

digital products, design templates, course materials & websites

On average, we need 7 different touchpoints to become a customer.

Your business is growing, but somehow everything looks different? Let your design work for you!

That's how I help you make your brand recognition the employee of the year:

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Singing your own praises isn't your thing?
I know.

Offer tidbits of your expertise to warm up.

This way you help your customers to decide for you with their guts and brains and collect the first coins.

Sell with empathy.




Web design
Landing Pages



Good things take time, but please don't too long? Then do what I do and treat yourself to templates.

This will save you valuable time, structure your feed and create a clear overview for your followers.

Keep the fun in posting.




Social Media Templates
Profile designs
Newsletter design


to the



Whether mentees, coachees or course participants: They want your knowledge, preferably forever.

Bring a common thread to your apprentices' brains and give them something
to latch onto.

Stay in mind after coaching.



Online course design
Course materials


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to my


This is how my customers convince their community:

What customers say

"Pauline provides a great service: efficient, creative and with many
good suggestions
. She understood what I was looking for and not only delivered it, but also offered alternatives that I ended up liking better."

Owen Bird | Social media design

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to the

No colors and fonts yet?
Grab my
0€ tutorial!

This is for you if you have no idea: 

🔸which design really catches the eye of your
target audience.
How many colors and fonts you need and how you use them.
🔸where exactly you find fonts and
how licenses work.

No art knowledge necessary.
Doesn't cost you a dime.
And in the end, you'll have your
branding sheet in hand.

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Design is like the shell on your blob castle.
It immediately jumps into the eye and shows exactly:
Here we work with a lot of passion. Why do I do it and can I do it that way? Time for a little introduction:

über Pauli
Über mich  Kopie.png


I am Pauli!

Ever not found the ticket machine
in the parking garage? 

Yep, you only notice good guidance when it's missing. It's the same with the visual guidance on your designs, products and appearance.

Within a few seconds we decide whether an offer is THE solution for us. Therefore, everything should be in the right place.

Fittingly, my heart beats for two subjects: 

Architecture (which I even studied) and
strategic marketing (that was my job for 7 years). 


That's why I create promotional designs instead of houses and love my mix of strategy & art.

What else is important? I design my Business easy.
That means for you a well-thought-out flow, optimized processes and solution oriented thinking.


For a 2nd first impression, feel free to visit
my social profiles and find out what
else moves me professionally.

Let's continue behind the scenes.
Here are the most important steps on
our way
to your perfectly fitting business look:

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Nice to get to know you!
We check the general facts of your project and our cooperation and see if the chemistry is right.

Get to know

each other



A customized offer will flutter into your mailbox. 
And after your written confirmation, we're ready to go!

Provided with all the information,
I create your first design draft.
As soon as you give me the
go-ahead, I'll start the final artwork.




Now it's time to define your strategy, your branding and your goals in more detail.My checklist and questionnaire will help you prepare.


project flow


Your design is ready!
You will receive it with all the mentioned usage rights and
in all agreed file formats.

Do you have any questions for me?
I have summarized the most common ones.
For further answers, please
feel free to write me!

  • How long does it take?
    I know, we usually want to have everything ready tomorrow. 😉 Your design usually takes 10 days (exceptions prove the rule). Important here is of course a mutual committed cooperation. For that, I have a tried and tested guide that keeps us on schedule. 🙂
  • What if I don't have branding, photos or text yet?
    Zero Problemo. Since branding is in my blood, font, color and shape branding is included in your package. Note: A logo design is not included. Tip: A logo only makes sense once your target group is established, before that a word mark is sufficient for recognition. High-quality photos are essential for your recognition value. I always advise you to invest in a professional photo shoot. This will save you time and energy and the photos can be matched to your mood board. I can recommend good photographers in Berlin and Freiberg (Saxony). If that's not your way, you can also find many tutorials online that will help you to take professional photos yourself. Since I studied photography as a minor subject in my studies, I can also edit your photos if necessary, let's just talk about it in the get-to-know-call. Your texts charmingly solve the problem of your target group and hit exactly the right tone. If you need the muse's kiss when writing, just like I do, and she's on vacation, I can give you the name of a creative copywriter.
  • What programs do you work with and do you give out open files?
    I love Adobe! That's why I work mostly with Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop and XD. Of course, with design templates it makes sense that you can edit them later. That's why the original file is included in the price. Alternatively, if you don't use Adobe programs, I can make the templates for you in Canva 🙂 . For all other design projects, I'm happy to give you the original file for a fair extra charge. Just talk about it in our get-to-know-call. 🙂
  • I'm more DIY, can you give me feedback on my designs?
    I'd love to! I'm always very happy when you take the mouse in your hands and give free rein to your design skills. Just get a suitable hour package and I'll feedback your design via video and answer your questions within three days. If you want to learn how to work faster in Adobe or Canva, and what graphic design basics are best to pay attention to, I give design coaching sessions. Let's have a free get-to-know-you call to discuss your skills and desires and find the best tutorials for you 🙂 . Oh and creativity has a lot to do with emotions. Get into the right design mode with my playlist:
  • I'm looking for a collaboration, can I outsource my design to you?
    Super happy to! I create my designs with Adobe Indesign, Illustrator, Photoshop and XD and already cooperate e.g. with various web developers and application coaches. Feel free to contact me by mail or book a free get-to-know-call to discuss everything else. 🙂
  • And what does all this have to do with beach vibes?
    Directly: Absolutely nothing. With me: Just about everything! Who knows me, knows: I love surfing. That's why I founded salty.lines, feel-good designs for all stranded sea lovers. When I'm not working on your designs, I conjure up new design products that bring the sea home to you and sweeten the time until your next surf trip. Feel free to drop by!
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Ready to let your design speak for you?
Then get to the bacon!

Get here your free and non-binding get-to-know call.
We will discuss your design project, clarify all your questions and see if it fits with us.

to the

Lets start!

Let's get started,
I look forward to seeing you!

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